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How To Upload Files With FTP 1230 times viewed Published on 19-Apr-2016,01:03 pm

Uploading files is totally hassle free on DownAce.

Just Follow these simple steps to upload files with FTP:

  1. Go to DownAce Home Page or Account Home.
  2. Click on Upload.
  3. Select "Ftp Upload" tab.
  4. Note down the following details:
    1. FTP Host
    2. FTP Username
    3. FTP Password
  5. Use these details with your favorite FTP client and upload files.
  6. Once Uploaded, Go to DownAce Home Page or Account Home.
  7. Select "Ftp Upload" tab.
  8. Click on "Click Here to import them into your account".
  9. Wait for files to upload.
  10. Copy links and share it to the world.

Note: If you dont IMPORT files to your account, they will be deleted after a while.

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